ClimAgro Analytics

At ClimAgro Analytics, we redefine the future of agriculture by seamlessly merging historical climate data, crop yield data, and farm management insights. Our predictive prowess stems from a combination of machine learning algorithms and physics-based models. This unique fusion allows us to achieve unparalleled precision in crop-specific yield predictions and risk projections.

ClimAgro also provides mid-term and long-term yield and climate risk projections that are beneficial for various stakeholders including policymakers, insurers, reinsurers, seed industries, and agribusinesses.

What We Enable

Crop-specific yield predictions

Enhance Crop Loan and Insurance Processes

Supply Chain Optimization

Personalized risk assessments

About Us

Harshit Mishra

PhD IIT Bombay
Founder & CEO,
ClimAgro Analytics
Technology commercialization, Environmental System Design, Sustainability

Jitendra Singh

PhD IIT Bombay

Post Doc @ ETH Zurich Climate Extremes, Agriculture risk

Neha Shukla


Company operations, Data analyst

Ramswarup Bhaskar

PhD  IIT Kanpur

Strategy & Planning, Agritech Start-up

Utsav Mishra

M.Sc. Tech IIT (ISM) Dhanbad

PhD Scholar IIT Kanpur

Environmental Geophysics


Why Choose ClimAgro Analytics

Precision and Accuracy

Our state-of-the-art analytics ensure precise crop-specific yield predictions, providing you with the confidence to make strategic decisions.

Tailored Solutions

We understand the unique needs of different sectors. Our products are customized for banking and financial institutions as well as supply chain and commodity traders.

Project-Specific Projections

Our commitment to empowering stakeholders goes beyond conventional offerings, providing invaluable insights for strategic planning and decision-making.


ClimAgro Analytics provide a crop-specific integrated system that uses AI and physical model to provide seasonal yield estimation, real time and long-term yield and climate risk projections

Climate Risk Projections

Strategic Insights for Informed Planning. Navigate uncertainties with our “Climate Risk Projections” product. Tailored for diverse stakeholders, including government entities, this solution delivers project-specific climate risk projections. From strategic planning to risk mitigation, our projections empower you with insights for sustainable agricultural development.

Yield Estimator

Empowering Financial Decision-Making and Agricultural Excellence Make data-driven decisions with confidence using our flagship product, the “Yield Estimator.” This comprehensive solution combines accurate crop-specific yield predictions and current to medium-term risk projections. Whether you’re a financial institution seeking risk intelligence for crop loans and insurance or an agribusiness optimizing operations, the “Yield Estimator” provides the insights you need for success.


Our commitment to transforming agriculture extends across various sectors. Through innovative data-driven solutions, we empower diverse industries to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and optimize operations. Explore how our tailored analytics benefit different sectors

Banking &
Financial Institutions


Supply Chain Industry



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